About the Designer

Steve may have what one might refer to as a chequered past but what is indeed his most admirable and inspiring quality is his ability to make beautiful organic pieces despite sailing through rough seas.

Whilst battling with a job that greatly affected his mental health and negatively impacted his relationships and life plans, Steve’s loved ones realised he had a natural talent to create eccentric masterpieces. After several years of encouragement, Steve decided to quit his job and follow where his skills took him.

This self-taught visionary artistic genius is known and well respected for his bespoke furnishings which suits his clients needs.

Steve finds enjoyment and pride in creating pieces which adds to his client’s life story and contribute to their special memories.

Need a showpiece to make everyone admire in awe? Then this talented UK Government recognised prize winner is your man!

Welcome to S & T Bespoke Furniture, let us help you build your dream!

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